Video application?

Our coach helps you with all questions

And-Ers – other ways to success.

Andreas Reimers identifies your potential as well as your individual communication patterns and helps you to convey your power through your body language and your communication to the screens of your future dream company. Learn with him to express what you really want to say. Maximize your positive aura, your charisma and your self-confidence in front of the camera and learn from him how to shoot a perfect application video. To him, it doesn't matter who you are now or who you think you are, but who you can be as soon as you get the support that's right for you. In this way, you can find your dream job.

At the beginning

Every beginning is difficult


It's about a game between you and the camera. But the camera doesn't give you any direct feedback as business partners usually do and you don't experience how others perceive you. This can create a sense of insecurity. In such stressful situations we often don't seem natural anymore.

Our help

skillster will not leave you alone


Your personal video coach accompanies you step by step on the way to your unique 99-second video. Our coach helps you to express your "sales messages" and to come across as if you were involved in a personal talk. In this way, you can present yourself confidently and, above all, naturally.

Be yourself

Personality makes the difference


That's why our video coach picks up on the insights regarding your personality type and shows you how to turn them into messages that best suit you. In this way you can present yourself authentically, highlight what's important to you and thereby make yourself particularly attractive.

Partners we trust

Outplacement as an opportunity. Actively accompany separations - develop and achieve new perspectives.

EL-NET Innovation accompanies people, companies and co-determination bodies in all personnel change situations - from communication and conception to the implementation of personnel change projects. We provide comprehensive support to people who are reorienting themselves professionally in finding and pursuing the career path that best suits them and their current life situation. From the first method-supported diagnosis, competence analysis and individual target strategy to the organisation of the entire market presence with highly proactive job hunting and personal recommendation for new positions, our consultants always remain at the side of our clients. 


The HR knowledge platform

Especially small and medium-sized enterprises notice that excellent personnel work is becoming more and more important for their success. betterHR is your consulting partner for the complete range of HR topics - from A, such as employer attractiveness, to Z, such as additional services. betterHR advises "smart", i.e. by offering carefully curated contents on the platform, through individual e-mail and personal remote consulting. Our customers therefore have the opportunity to compile the solutions to their HR challenges on our platform themselves or to receive personal advice. The combination of both can also be effective. We started with four topics on the platform - "Recruiting", "Talent Management", "Workplace Health Management" and "Leadership". Further topics, e.g. "HR Operations", "Co-determination" and "Working hours" will follow shortly.


Career advice with experience - successful outplacement
A good career orientation requires different approaches with vision. We are experts around the topic "Counselling for professional change". With us you receive competent consulting services for outplacement and career consulting. We support you with our many years of experience in all questions concerning career & application, separation management as well as health management & EAP (psychosocial counselling). Our offer is aimed at both corporate and private clients. We find individual solutions for you - that is our added value for you.


The marketing agency for individuals

"Every top company gets the help of marketing agencies in advertising and positioning. Likewise, we help you with your success. We make you a career hero. Our mission for you: You are not waiting passively for the changes in the new world of work, you are actively shaping them. You are creative and curious and love or life your success. The career heroes help you with this task. We are your marketing agency for individuals."


Life & Business Coaching

"Our coaching concept, which was conceived in cooperation with the Schulz von Thun Institute, follows the humanistic-systemic approach. Our coaches support you concerning your wishes and ideas and help you develop and reach them, while also addressing your worries and problems, trying to resolve them with you. We operate in both the private and the publicly funded sectors. This means that support from employment agencies or the job centre is possible at any time."


carreer coach in Hamburg

"Career Fuchs Career Advice advises pupils, students, young professionals and career changers who are looking for a profession that fits their personality perfectly. On the basis of a detailed personality analysis, suitable professions and educational paths are identified and an individual career strategy is developed."


Training, Beratung & Coaching

"Career Coach Munich is your competent partner for all topics concerning your career, your professional reorientation as well as your professional and personal development. Our services range from the creation/ optimization of application documents such as CV and cover letter and the optimization of your social media presence to the creation of certificates and individual coaching in the event of job or career changes. Our team consists of 15 experienced career consultants and coaches. We will be happy to help you get to know yourself even better and successfully use or develop your talents in the application process or on the job."