Flipped Job Market

Wanted: work that really suits me

Solely work for a living? No, work can also be very fulfilling and fun! If you have found a job in which you can play to your strengths, a lot has already been gained. If you also like the corporate culture and the colleagues, you will feel valued and be motivated to do your job. 

Technical criteria

Quite simply and with just a few clicks, you can select your previous educational stages and your current job. It doesn't matter which course of study you have chosen, if you have a bachelor's or a master's degree, if you have a degree at all or if you have much or only a little work experience. Even your age doesn't matter. For all applicants there is this one fitting job that allows them to show their strengths and suits them perfectly - because it's just like them.

Personality traits

With the help of the scientific personality test ViQ, the Visual Questionnaire, you can playfully find out in just a few minutes and yet well-founded what you are like. The ViQ lets you determine your type of personality. Our algorithm uses your test result for the job search by matching it with companies' preferences. If there is a match, you will be suggested directly as an ideal candidate on the candidate dashboard with your photo and video.


You are perfect the way you are! Everyone fits in somewhere. This is where corporate culture makes all the difference. In addition to your personality, we also want to consider the corporate culture that you prefer in your job when matching with the next employer. Select your preferred corporate culture out of eleven possible criteria. We check with each company individually whether their corporate culture suits you. In this way, you can find a culturally fitting job for you.