Criteria selection

for companies

In order to find the right candidates, you can actively search according to your own criteria. This digital approach makes personnel recruiting easier and you save a lot of effort during the initial screening of candidates - even before your first personal meeting.

If your corporate culture also matches the expectations of your favourite applicant, you're free to make contact.

Professional criteria

Put together a potential applicant's CV according to your needs. Age, professional experience, field of study or previous jobs - you are free to choose and combine. This is the first selection level of our algorithm. The other two are "personality traits" and "corporate culture questions."

Matching personality

Applicants use a non-verbal online personality test to show who they are and how they behave on the job. For companies, we offer a counterpart in the form of a choice of four categories of characteristics that your ideal candidate should have. You can find your ideal candidate on the basis of 48 distinct characteristics. This is how you create the basis for our matching. This way, we only show you the candidates who are really suitable for you, clearly summarized on the dashboard.

Birds of a feather harmonize better

Because successful and long-term cooperation depends not only on the job as such but also on the colleagues, it is also worth taking a closer look at one's own departmental and corporate culture. We offer companies and candidates the opportunity to define their culture from eleven criteria. We then show you the candidates that match more than six of your criteria. In this way, employees can put their strengths to even better use in their jobs.