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skillster is the platform that thinks job placement differently - we don’t give you examples of job applications and we don’t tell you how to write your CV or your job application. Rather, we are convinced that making talents and personalities as a whole visible for companies offers many advantages for all personnel managers and applicants. With skillster, we want to simplify job placement, make use of the new trend of creating application videos and, combined with our free matching of personality traits and corporate culture preferences, save time and nerves of personnel managers and future employees.

Using modern personnel recruitment, we focus on the personality profile instead of purely professional criteria and present the conscious and unconscious strengths and personality traits of every candidate on the platform. With our test procedure we can even tell you which job suits you

best, so you can find your dream job.

Many applicants ask themselves: Which job suits me best? Many are tired of having to fit in and no longer want to be stuck in tedious standard processes and on the usual trails.

We believe that there are many "hidden champions" in the world, but hardly any applicants know them. So the race for the best talents is unbalanced. This is where we want to help because not only companies are on the lookout. Applicants also aren't satisfied with the well-known range of well-known companies but want to find the right profession. In the future, companies will be looking for talent pools rather than just academic achievements or other measurable performances which have been overemphasized so far.