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How do I find the right employee?

Finding staff on skillster is easy. In three steps you select professional criteria, personality traits and corporate culture details in the respective selection fields and click on "Search Candidates." You are now free to choose from the candidates displayed and, if applicable, buy the contact details of a candidate.

How many applicants have registered with skillster so far?

So far, about 650 applicants from very different fields have registered, and the number is growing.

How do you guarantee that candidates/ applicants are currently seeking employment?

As long as somebody is looking for a job, they can be found online at skillster. In order to show only current applicants, we inquire every two months by e-mail if the job search is still active. If we do not receive an answer within 30 days, the applicant's profile will be deleted completely.

Is it possible to search for applicants for a specific job posting?

Yes, that is possible. You can specify any box number in your job advertisement under which applicants apply specifically for your job posting by saving an application video and the personality test at skillster. Futher information can be found under this link.


How do I get in touch with the applicant?

Once you have found your preferred candidate, you make a one-off online payment for the release of the applicant's contact details and CV. The data is made available immediately after the online payment on skillster under the menu item "List."

How much does it cost to get an applicant's contact details and CV?

Each contact costs 275 euros (except discounts). When buying several contact details at once, subscriptions for 4, 7 or 10 persons can be bought at a reduced price. More information under this link.

What booking options are available for companies?

You can book contacts individually or use our packages. We provide companies with subscription packages with unlimited usability. If, for example, a packet of ten contact details is bought, ten different contacts of candidates can be accessed and used indefinitely.


How often can I watch the application videos?

The application videos can be viewed as often as desired by different people with a login from your company. There is also no limit to the number of search runs or views of applicants' profiles.

Do applicants have to create videos?

No. Applicants can publish their profile after entering the ViQ test, cultural questions and qualification data. Videos will be requested from candidates if required. If a candidate does not create videos, he will not receive his 10-page test result for the ViQ.

Is it possible to save selected applicants?

Yes, all selected applicants with their application videos can be saved under "Favorites" and called up again directly.


How are suitable candidates matched with a company's interests?

The matching is based on the result of the ViQ personality test that applicants take. Companies, in turn, choose from a set of character traits in order to form the counterpart of the search. In a search the algorithm connects:

1. professional criteria,

2. the selection of personal criteria according to their chosen weighting,

3. the corporate culture.

The corporate culture match is not an exclusion criterion for finding applicants.

Which search criteria are decisive for the matching of applicants and companies?

Professional criteria - training, studies and industry are mandatory - as well as personal criteria are decisive for the matching. The latter can be switched off completely, if necessary, in order to see all types of applicants. The matching of corporate culture is an "add-on" for the optimization of a mutual "cultural fit." Corporate culture is therefore not a criterion for exclusion. If the corporate culture criteria of a candidate and a company do not match, the results will be displayed under "other candidates."

How many matches have there been so far?

So far, a double-digit number of candidates were matched and payments were made for their contact information. The conclusion of individual employment relationships takes place outside of the influence of skillster. In most cases, however, there were concrete job offers.


What is special about skillster's ViQ test?

The ViQ was developed by the company fbtk. It focuses on subconscious personality traits and uses visual elements instead of language. Applicants thus cannot influence the result of the test or answer anticipatively.

How are the results of the personality test used for matching?

The matching is based on the comparison of an applicant's ViQ result with the company's specifications regarding preferred character traits. According to the weighted data and their correspondence, suitable potential employees are selected from the total pool of applicants and displayed on the dashboard. 

What information do companies get about the personality type of a potential employee?

Prior to payment, a two-page brief profile of each applicant's personality traits can be viewed. 


How many candidates are currently registered on skillster?

The number of active jobseekers currently is around 500. The candidate profiles remain online for 60 days.

Which industries are the candidates on skillster from?

We distinguish less between industries than jobs sought. So far - with a few exceptions - many candidates from team-based professions in the white-collar sector (office work), IT, consulting, insurance, commerce, media and marketing sectors have registered.


How is my data protected?

See our privacy policy in which we comply with the standards of the DSGVO 2018 of the European Union.

1. Application videos can only be viewed on skillster. The videos cannot be shared.

2. The videos and personal data of applicants are stored on separate servers.

3. Company data is stored on the server of a German service provider.

4. For a correct registration as a company, the specification of a valid tax number is obligatory.

5. Candidates can only be found by fully registered companies.

6. Companies can delete their account at any time.


How do I pay the invoice for the packages booked?

You simply pay online via Paypal or by using the credit card function of Paypal. After the payment is confirmed, you have immediate access to the candidate's personal data that you've bought.