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Don't waste time and money. Instead, come to skillster to find among the currently registered candidates and applicants exactly the talent or applicant for your job posting who suits you. Find out with ease who is suitable for your company via a professional, personal and cultural match. Then get to know each selected candidate personally in 99 seconds via an application video. There's no video yet? No problem - if you're interested, we will contact the selected applicant or candidate and ask for the videos to be added.

Once you have found your preferred employee on skillster, you will receive the applicant's personal data, detailed CV and certificates after payment of a one-time fee. Then it's up to you to decide how you would like to contact your candidate.

Your advantages

Shorter "time to hire" - no job adds

Digitize and improve recruiting process

Reduction "applicants per recruitment"

Lower "drop-out" rate with cultural matching

How skillster works for employers

The days of simple application and recruitment procedures are over. The active search for talents is of primary importance. Too often one hears from the applicant that he'll contact the employer. It's a topsy-turvy world. We want to help and therefore introduce skillster to you - a different type of candidate screening that is independent of time and location and saves resources. 

What enterpreneurs say about skillster

The users of skillster focus on the added value of the simple operation and the innovative way of searching for applicants. skillster raises recruiting to a new level with the possibility of searching directly via mobile devices. Listen to what other advantages users see.

Thomas Bornemann

Jens Paul Eilert

"skillster convinces with its consequent reversal of the application process and the compact, digital implementation of current trends in HR recruiting."

 Norbert Bensel, former HR Director Deutsche Bahn

Data transfer? No problem with API

If you already use external applicant management systems, we can transfer our applicant data directly via an API. Applicants do not have to enter their master data twice and you still have all the information in your proven user environment.