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Discover your strengths and present them with your video

How it works.

If you enjoy something, you automatically do it well.

Employers recognise this and naturally prefer to hire people who enjoy their job. But be careful: people are different! Some are eager to work with people, some need order, others are spontaneous and creative. And what's more: many people can't really say straight away what they're really good at. That's why we have a solution that offers the following:

Step 1 "Take the 5-minute test".

Learn all about your individual strengths.

Step 2 "Shoot your strengths video

Tell about yourself and your strengths.

Step 3 "Present your video

Show employers your video.

Now you pay only 19 Euro.

Everything included: personality test, video and presentation to employers.


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How skillster helps you

Find out what you're good at and show it - employers love it!

skillster is the solution for applicants to find out about their personal skills, present them and thus convince employers of their worth. Beyond the purely professional qualifications, we bring more human character and accuracy of fit into your application process - things that matter in everyday work. Finally, your personal strengths, your desired work environment and your motivation are in the foreground to convince employers. This saves time, money and nerves, for you and the recruiters.