How skillster helps you

Stand out with your application even in the crisis

As you have probably noticed, the labor market situation has changed due to the Corona crisis and the demand for crisis-proof jobs has increased significantly. In order to meet these new job market requirements and to gain a foothold there, you also need an application that highlights your individual strengths and ideas. In this way you will set yourself apart from your competitors and win the race in the end.

You are asking yourself now: How do I do it best?

We will help you to create a video of your strengths so that you appear confident in your video. With our help, it doesn't take much longer to make the video than to write a good letter of motivation. Just follow the steps and you will get closer to your dream job, which exactly matches your inclinations.

1. Step


Directly after the short test you will receive the detailed result and learn how you: 1. act and communicate in a team 2. deal with conflicts 3. what helps you advance professionally the fastest 4. use your strengths to achieve the most benefit with little effort.

2. step


Now you shoot your strength video. In our tutorial we show you how to focus on the strengths and how to package them best to convince employers. Especially with the result of the personality test you will find it easier to shoot the video. 

3. step


We provide you with your self-cut strength-videoclip and you can stand out from the crowd at your dream employer. Just attach it to your application, copy a link to it in your CV or be found on skillster, where employers actively look for talents like you.

You buy

a giant step towards your dream job

Scientific 10-page test evaluation from the non-verbal, implicit 5-minute test
Strength video to present yourself and your strengths to employers
The possibility to be found by employers through skillster
Access to video coaching

19 Euro

"After countless classic letters of application, I decided on a different way of applying. With the support of skillster I learned a lot about myself through the personality test. After that, creating the strengths video was not difficult anymore. Finally employers noticed me and invited me for job interviews".

Matthias Marzellnig, 24, Systemadministrator 

An example of a good strength video

Jasmin, 22 Jahre, has made her strength-video to apply for a new job. She talked about 1. herself 2. her stenghtes 3. her wishes to the company culture and 4.what she motivates her. With her strenght-video she makes the difference compared to other applicants.