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Do I have to shoot a video to publish my profile?

No. If you don't want to shoot videos at the first try, you can publish your profile after the ViQ test, the cultural questions and the qualifications. So you can be found by employers or you can apply for a job advertisement that uses skillster. You can make up for the recording of the videos at any time.

How often can I record my video?

Each of the four video sequences can be recorded as often as you like. You can also record each sequence independently until you are satisfied. The result of the video recordings can be found under "Video."

How long will my profile and my application video on skillster be visible for companies?

As long as you are looking for a job, your account at skillster is active. In order to show only current applicants, we inquire every two months via e-mail whether your job search is still active. If you do not respond to our e-mail, your profile will be deleted after another 30 days.


Where can I find information about the video coach?

You can find information about our coach under this link.

What are the advantages of video coaching?

Every beginning is difficult - our video coach tries to make this beginning easier for you through small groups or individual coaching, depending on which package you book. Presenting yourself in front of the camera is not immediately familiar to everyone. Our coach will help you to leave the best, authentic impression of you.


How are the results of the personality test used for matching?

Matching is based on the results of the ViQ personality test that applicants take. Companies, in turn, choose from a set of character traits to form the counterpart of the search. In a search, the algorithm connects:

1) professional criteria,

2) selection of personal criteria according to their chosen weighting,

3) corporate culture.

The match of corporate culture is not an exclusion criterion for finding applicants.

What's special about the personality test by skillster?

skillster's ViQ personality test is based on simple images and measures the predominantly unconscious structure of personality. The big advantage over a test with linguistic questions is obvious: In comparison to image perception, linguistic expression predominantly takes place consciously and can therefore be manipulated. Further information on the ViQ can be found under this link.

Are my results of the personality test also visible to the companies?

Companies are actively looking for new staff at skillster. When a company views your profile, it receives a two-page anonymized summary of your "type."


How much does it cost to use skillster?

skillster is free for applicants. If you want to get your test result, however, you have to fill in your profile completely, viz. you have to have completed all videos and entered all data. 


How is my data protected?

See our Privacy Statement in which we comply with the standards of the DSGVO 2018 of the European Union.

1. Your application video cannot be downloaded. It can only be viewed on skillster.

2. Your videos will be stored separately from your master data like your personality test result on a European "Microsoft Azure Cloud Serve.r" 

3. The master data and the results of the personality test as well as the selection from the coporate cultural questions are stored on a server in Germany. This server is independent of the "soft Azure Cloud."

4. All data as well as the videos and the test result, your CV/ certificates and your master data will only be forwarded to registered companies and only after payment.

Who can view my profile and my application video?

Companies can only register with skillster validly with their tax number. Any validly registered company can view uploaded application videos and profiles. However, your contact details as well as your CV will be passed on only after payment, ensuring a serious interest.


How can I delete my account?

You can delete your profile yourself at any time. You will find this option at the bottom of the page where you enter your master data. Alternatively, we will do it for you within 24 hours if you send us a short message to info@skillster.net.


How many companies are currently looking for candidates at skillster?

There are currently around 50 registered companies looking for new staff. The number is growing.

Which industries can be found at skillster?

We distinguish less between industries than jobs sought. So far, with a few exceptions, medium-sized companies from very different industries are registered. These include many team-oriented professions in the white-collar sector (office work), IT, investment, consulting, insurance, trade, media and marketing.


How do companies find me?

Personnel managers/ companies are looking for suitable employees at skillster. They have the possibility to enter professional search criteria as well as criteria related to character and corporate culture. If your details match those of the company's search criteria, your profile, including your videos and a brief summary of the result of your personality test, will be displayed. 

How many matches have there been so far?

So far, a double-digit number of candidates were matched and payments were made for their contact information. The conclusion of individual employment relationships takes place outside of the influence of skillster. In the majority of cases, however, there were concrete job offers.