General terms and conditions

Offer from skillster

1. duties of skillster

LIGRO matching UG (haftungsbeschränkt) operates under the brand name "skillster" and provides the provision of an internet-based, technical video platform for the storage of applicant videos with the purpose of enabling applicants to present themselves and giving employers the opportunity to find suitable applicants. skillster will provide these services exclusively under these general terms and conditions. The terms and conditions of the employer are hereby expressly contradicted. skillster commits itself to guarantee the provision conscientiously and carefully.

2. duties of the applicant

2.1 The applicant undertakes not to distribute any videos via the platform provided by skillster which violate applicable law, the rights of third parties or morality or to adhere to the recommended guidelines when executing the videos and to exercise due care when creating the videos. The applicant will NOT BE RIGHTED TO QUOTE ANY TIME, to QUOTE HIS CLARATE NAMES OR CONTACT DATA. The applicant will indemnify and hold harmless skillster in the event of recourse by third parties to skillster for breach of its obligations under this agreement skillster.

skillster undertakes, upon request by the employer, to transmit to the employer the contact data of the selected applicants completely and up-to-date as deposited by the applicant. 
If an applicant has optionally chosen to be informed about the purchase of his data by an employer, skillster will do so immediately. The applicant has no right to object to the purchase. He is, however, entitled to have no contact with the company or to reject an offer without justification. 

2.2 Each applicant has the right to record the individual video sequences several times.

2.3 skillster reserves the right to delete videos that do not comply with the applicable law or morality or for other reasons do not comply with the terms and conditions immediately and without further explanation.

2.4 The applicant undertakes to provide all personal information truthfully. If skillster determines during random plausibility checks that data has not been truthfully provided, skillster is entitled to delete the profile immediately, without prior notification of the applicant.

2.5 The applicant is obliged to provide his/her personal data and curriculum vitae on the platform. The applicant guarantees to be entitled to use the provided data, information and documents (including possible photographs) and grants skillster a non-exclusive, revocable right of use. The applicant is further obliged to follow the instructions for video recording and to answer the questions on the platform truthfully. The applicant does not acquire any rights of use to the video recordings produced by skillster.

2.6 In particular, the applicant agrees that his/her personal data, curriculum vitae and personality profile may be passed on to an interested employer. 

2.7 Applicants who do not respond to the periodically sent e-mail for further activation of their account or otherwise fail to comply with their obligation to cooperate will be deleted by skillster without further notice.

2.8 The applicant remains the owner of his personal data and other information stored on skillster or generated from the platform and can demand their deletion at any time.

3. duties and cooperation of the employer(s)

3.1 The employer undertakes to pay the "contact fee" to skillster when requesting the personality profile, personal data and curriculum vitae of the selected applicant.  

3.2 The applicant's data mentioned in 2.1. will be sent to the employer exclusively online and after receipt of the "contact fee".

4. fee

4.1 The fee is based on the prices shown on the platform, but can also be agreed individually between skillster and the employer.

4.2 All remunerations are net, plus the applicable statutory value-added tax. 

4.3 The use of skillster is free for applicants.

4.4 The "contact fee" is to be paid exclusively online.

5. warranty, liability, exclusion of liability

5.1 skillster does not guarantee successful placement of candidates. Furthermore, Skillster is not liable for the fact that a candidate requested by the employer is actually interested in a position.

5.2 skillster is in principle not liable for circumstances or damages caused by the applicant in the exercise or on the occasion of his activity. No guarantee is given, in particular no guarantee is given for the quality of the work, the way of working and the ability to work under pressure of the mediated candidate or his personal reliability. Recourse and other compensation claims of the employer are excluded.

5.3 Untrue or incomplete information provided by the recruited workers and by the employer to skillster excludes any liability on the part of skillster. The verification of the information provided by the worker is the sole responsibility of the employer.

5.4 Liability for slight negligence on the part of skillster is excluded.

5.5 Applicant profiles sent to the employer by skillster remain the property of the applicants. All applicant profiles must be treated confidentially and destroyed if not used. A passing on to third parties, as well as the making of copies is forbidden.

5.6 If an applicant requests the deletion of his profile data from the "Favorites" or "Paid Candidates" category of a company, the company must comply with this request without delay.

5.7 skillster has the basic agreement from each applicant to pass on the applicant's profile. 

5.8 If paid candidates refuse contact with the company, reject offers or for any other reason there is no employment, skillster assumes no responsibility and is not obliged to provide a replacement candidate.

6. data protection

6.1 See Privacy Policy

7. use of the logos of registered companies

7.1. skillster is entitled to use logos of registered companies on the homepage without prior consent of the companies.

7.2 For the use of the company logos for external advertising (posters, flyers, social media) skillster will obtain the permission of the companies.

8. other provisions

8.1 Should one or more provisions of these Terms and Conditions be or become invalid due to statutory provisions, the remaining provisions shall remain in force. The invalid provisions shall then be deemed to have been replaced by provisions which come as close as possible to the permissible provisions. These AGB lose their validity with appearance of new AGB. Contracts concluded are subject to German law. Place of jurisdiction and performance for both parties arising from this contract is the registered office of LIGRO matching UG (haftungsbeschränkt) in Berlin.

8.2 The contractual partner declares his agreement with these General Terms and Conditions by signing. These general terms and conditions are binding for both parties to the contract.

8.3 Amendments and supplements to the agreements made between LIGRO matching UG (limited liability) and the customer must be made in writing. This also applies to the waiver of the written form requirement.