First part of your journey


Many of us do not know what is really inside you. With the test you get to know yourself and can tell more about yourself. 

The test shows you what unconscious strengths you have - those that will help you advance professionally the fastest. So you can learn how you act in teams, how to communicate best with you and how your conflict behaviour is pronounced.

You will learn all this in only 5-7 minutes in a playful but scientifically proven way through the VIST®.

The VIST® is based on scientifically sound, long-term development work.

The test procedure and the amazingly in-depth evaluations were developed by Prof. Dr. David Scheffer, Professor of Human Resource Management/Business Psychology and colleagues in 15 years of scientific work and enjoy the trust of HR professionals from various companies. 

The VIST® Personality Test is playfully designed, takes only a few minutes to complete and yet in an analysis of 10 pages you will learn which dimensions make you stand out and from which strengths you can achieve the greatest benefit with the least effort.

data protection is important for us

Your test result is not visible to anyone unless you explicitly agree. We also secure our homepage with SSL encryption technology and only use web servers that are registered in Germany. Your data can be deleted at your request after test creation.