First step: your 5-minute video

Here you discover your personal strengths

Many of us do not know what we are really good at. This is completely normal, you only find out over time. With our VIST® (Visual Implicit Skill Test) we offer you a shortcut. This way you get to know yourself better! 
The test makes your personal, unconscious strengths visible - the things that will help you advance most quickly in your career. You will learn how to act in teams, how to communicate and how well you can deal with conflicts.
The test takes only 5 minutes (ok, max 8 minutes) and is neither boring nor exhausting. There are no wrong answers! The test is scientifically developed and completely safe in terms of data protection. The results will impress you, we promise!

The VIST® is based on scientifically sound, long-term development work.

The test and its detailed evaluations were developed by scientists of Human Resource Management and Business Psychology in 15 years of scientific work. Personnel managers of many companies trust in this test.

Even though the test is structured in a playful way and only takes a few minutes - in the evaluation you will learn on 10 pages from which strengths you can achieve the most benefit with little effort. Here you can see examples of typical test questions and a link to a sample test result.

Data protection is important for us

Your test result is not visible to anyone unless you explicitly agree. We also secure our homepage with SSL encryption technology and only use web servers that are registered in Germany. Your data can be deleted at your request after test creation.