Second step: your strengths video

Present yourself as you are!

Let's assume you just got your test result - right after the end of the 5-minute test. Then you can already start shooting your strengths video, in which you focus on your personal strengths. Which ones are, is written in your test result! 

We help you to structure your video - there are a few questions that help you to say the right thing. You can also take a look at the tutorial so that you don't make any mistakes in your recording. 

An example of a good strength video

Jasmin, 22, made her strengths video to apply for a new job. It tells 1. about her person, 2. her strengths, 3. what she wants from her everyday working life and 4. what motivates her. With her strengths video she makes points to other applicants.

Videos are an application turbo

It is written in every application guide, but very few people do it: you have to stand out, you have to stand out. Of course, it must not be too thickly applied, and you have to get to the point, because HR professionals have little time! 
That's why we have developed a structure for you so that you can present everything that makes you job-related in your video - to a maximum of 120 seconds. Because what are companies looking for? Someone who fits into the team, someone who is willing to work on the common goals. Your personality makes the difference, so show it!

Need help with the video shoot?

With our guidance you can do it all by yourself, but if you want to work with a professional, you can book our video coach. Maria-Christina Spießberger will help you to get rid of your shyness in front of the camera, to concentrate on the most important things and to show your best sides. Our coach has different consulting packages for every budget, the basic package costs 55 Euro.


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