Second step in your journey

Shoot your strenght-video - be yourself

You have now arrived at the next part of the journey - now it's about your strength video. With the edited video clip you will convince every employer. Multimedia, dynamic and exactly what you are looking for to show your personality to its best advantage. 

In four sequences we help you to structure your video - there are specific questions that help you to say the right thing and tips in the tutorial from the video coach, so that you don't make any mistakes during the recording.

This could be your video

Both Maria and Jost didn't prepare any longer for the recording of their videos than for a letter of motivation. The shooting itself was then completed quickly with three to four attempts. With the help of our tutorials it is even easier for you to successfully make a meaningful, authentic video of yourself. You see - recording a video is easier than you think.

Videos are not Hollywood

No more run-of-the mill applications, no more boring cover letters! We offer you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Comment on your strengths from our integrated personality test, your idea of a valuable working environment and what drives you and create a videoclip from it. In 99 seconds - just right for stressed-out HR professionals. It's your personality alone that counts. The advantage of a strength video is that you can show yourself and your strengths directly. If you make your video and enter all your personal data, you can be found directly by employers - but skillster is free for you.

Do you want to receive your strengths video without publishing your profile? Then take the personality test directly as a basis for your strength video and pay 19 Euro once. So you don't have to fill in any master data and your video will not be published. So you decide with whom you want to share the strength video.

Or do you need help with the video shooting?

Every beginning is hard, but skillster does not leave you alone. Just contact our video coach Maria-Christina Spießberger. Maria-Christina helps you to get rid of your shyness in front of the camera, to concentrate on the most important things and to focus on yourself in such a way that you only see your best side.


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