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Videos are not Hollywood

No more run-of-the mill applications, no more boring cover letters! We offer you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Describe yourself in four short video clips - "Who I am," "What I can do," "What I want," and "What interests me" - thereby answering the typical questions of a job interview. With 99 seconds just right for stressed personnel managers. But it's only your personality that counts. The advantage of an application video is that you can show yourself and your strengths directly. Max knows that it doesn't have to be a big deal. 

This could be your video

Both Maria and Jost didn't prepare any longer for the recording of their videos than for a letter of motivation. The shooting itself was then completed quickly with three to four attempts. With the help of our tutorials it is even easier for you to successfully make a meaningful, authentic video of yourself. You see - recording a video is easier than you think.

Still not in the mood for making videos?

You don't feel like making videos at the moment? You want to present yourself later or wait until a company has found you and shows interest in you? No problem! You can, of course, also publish your profile without videos. Your videos would certainly leave a bigger impression at first sight, but you can record your videos at a later time.

Or do you need help with the video shooting?

It's hard at first, but skillster won't leave you alone. Simply contact our video coach Andreas Riemers. Andreas will help you get rid of your shyness in front of the camera, focus on the most important things and present yourself from your best side.


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