Dream jobs of your childhood

How to really become a princess or astronaut, an actress or a circus director

How do you become a princess?

Being a princess was your absolute dream job? And you still haven't become one? It's simple: you just have to marry a prince. There are actually still plenty of them in Germany. The numerous noble houses no longer have any political power, but they still exist. Among the famous German noble families are, for example, the families Hohenzollern, Thurn und Taxis or Wittelsbach. 

In contrast to earlier times, today love is also central to weddings of the nobility. But you cannot get the title "Princess" in every family. In the British royal family, for example, you cannot receive the title of a princess because you must be born as one. The wife of the British heir to the throne Prince William is called "Royal Highness," but she is not a princess.

What does a princess do anyway?

In Europe, aristocratic families and royal houses in most cases only have representative tasks. For some princesses, however, this is a full-time job, especially for large royal houses like England or Spain. Here you'll have to shake hands, do a series of gala dinners and make lots of speeches. Besides, your way of life should be a role model for others. This can definitely be stressful.

But in the right family you will also receive considerable remuneration. Because of your title, for example, you own castles and properties. The Queen of England gets a lot of money from rental income, in Spain members of the royal family even get a fixed salary.

How do you become an astronaut?

Being an astronaut is a tough job. Nevertheless, there are heaps of applicants for every advertised astronaut position. The basic prerequisite is that you are a citizen of a country that runs a space program. You can thus only become a NASA astronaut if you have U.S. citizenship. In Europe, the European Space Agency ESA is responsible for sending astronauts into space.

However, new astronauts are only sought at irregular intervals. When the time comes, however, you should be prepared. It is best to have a suitable professional qualification, for example as a pilot, physician or scientist. Besides, you should be in good health. The hobbies in your CV can also play an important role in your application. If you enjoy sports, climbing, diving and skydiving, the profession of astronaut could be right for you. Furthermore, you should be a balanced and tolerant person because in space you have to live together with other astronauts under extreme conditions.

What are the chances of becoming an astronaut?

The selection procedure at the European Space Agency takes about one year. Among other things, your problem-solving skills under great stress are tested. Moreover, many physical tests are part of the selection process - one, for example, involves a centrifuge in which you rotate at extreme speed. You clearly shouldn't have a sensitive stomach.

In the last ESA selection round there were more than 8,000 applicants for only six places. So even if you are highly qualified, it's possible that someone will snatch the job away from you. In that case, you should have a plan B. How about becoming a princess, for example?

If you're actually chosen, you're not going straight into space. Instead, four years of basic training are coming up next. As a European astronaut you will mainly be trained in Cologne, but you will also travel to NASA and Russia. Once you've been selected for a particular mission, there's a special training for that, too, which can take about two years. At ESA you earn about 5,000 Euro net as your starting salary. read more

How do you become a singer, model or actress?

For these professions, you first need the right talent. Of course, a classical opera singer has to meet different requirements than a pop singer. At the same time, it's about promoting one's own talent at an early stage. So you should start taking singing or acting lessons as soon as possible. You also have to invest a lot of energy in landing your first jobs. This usually means moving from agency to agency and performing at numerous castings. Here you will meet a lot of people who can really assess your talent and your chances for a breakthrough.

Many a creative professional completes an apprenticeship or studies in his or her field. However, other famous actresses or singers did not complete any formal training. In the creative sector, such a training can turn out very expensive, and you don't know whether the whole thing will pay off in the end. If you complete your training at a state-recognised institution, however, you may be able to receive some education grants. If you're looking for a creative career, you should definitely have a plan B, because even if you have great talent you might not achieve a breakthrough.

Even a good work-life balance is not always given in these industries. As an actress you may experience a few extremely stressful weeks at a film shoot only to find no jobs for months afterwards. Of course, you will have no income during this time.

Earnings in the creative industry vary extremely. Anything is possible: there are actresses who do jobs without pay and there are supermodels who receive millions. For the big breakthrough, however, you need the right talent and the willingness to put a lot of time and effort into such a career, without knowing whether the whole thing will pay off in the end. And a lot of luck is necessary, too.

How do you become a circus director?

As a circus director, you're the boss of the circus ring. So you are actually responsible for all the tasks occurring in the circus business. This includes the organisation of the show, the logistics for the supply of animals and artists, the marketing for the circus and the cooperation with local authorities. At the same time, you're always travelling around with a circus.

Because a circus is often a family business, many circus directors have experienced the business since childhood. Of course, such a background is useful if you want to successfully run a circus. But you also have a chance as a career changer. It's often possible to buy a circus. But you should know what you're doing, because the circus industry has seen better times. A lot of work but a comparatively small salary await you. You also shouldn't neglect the entrepreneurial risk.