Which job fits me?

How to use a test to find out more about your perfect job

The decision for a certain career path and a job is not that easy. We at skillster have therefore developed a test together with our partner fbtk to support you in your decision. We do not rely on simple multiple-choice questions, as is the case with many other career choice tests. It takes only ten minutes to take our personality test - then you're already a big step closer to your dream job!

Which job suits you?

Do you know these people who have always known which career path to take later on? Those who were constantly working towards this goal? Don't worry, these people exist, but they're certainly not the rule. For many young people, finding the right job is a big hurdle. One reason is the choice of professions and career paths available today.

Of course, not every job is suitable for every person. Instead, your personality traits play an important role in your optimal working environment. Would you like to work with people? Or would you rather be left alone? Do you enjoy having new projects and deadlines all the time? Or would you rather work on a large project for a longer period of time? Your personal preferences make all  the difference here.

Obviously, you already know a lot about how you want to work later on. Therefore, it makes sense in any case to simply take a piece of paper and write down what your job should be like. The opinions of your friends and family are also important because they can assess you from a completely different perspective.

Furthermore, you will find various tests on the internet to help you answer the question: "Which job suits me best?" At skillster, we have developed a unique personality test, which should bring you closer to your individual answer to this question.

The personality test by skillster

Many career choice tests on the internet consist of a questionnaire with various multiple-choice tasks, for example about your hobbies and your education or studies. You tick a series of questions and then receive your evaluation. Here, you can definitely get some useful advice for the right career path. However, the evaluations are quite standardized.

We at skillster don't think that that's enough. The test is based on the theory of Julius Kuhl, a professor of psychology and centers on our VIST. Unconscious impressions play an important role in the test. This will help you to learn really new things about yourself.

The big advantage of our test over many other in-depth tests in the field of career choice: After about ten minutes you will already recveive your extensive result. The test assigns you to one of sixteen personality types. You will learn more about yourself and your personality traits and will be able to use this knowledge in the search for your next job and for your future applications. But there are even more advantages at skillster.

skillster automatically introduces you to suitable employers!

Our personality test for job selection is integrated directly into our platform. Here, companies can use our algorithm to carry out a targeted search for suitable applicants. If a position matches your criteria, you will automatically be suggested as an applicant. In your application you can then convince your viewers with the help of an individual video. This way, skillster offers you the shortcut to your dream job.

Which job suits me? - Find out with our test!

With the skillster test you can learn more about yourself and your perfect working environment in just ten minutes. In addition, you will be suggested directly as a potential candidate for suitable companies. So what are you waiting for? Take the test here and find the right job!

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